How it Works

Lodge websites can be built in wordpress, and that’s how we intend to do them. It is best hosted on our servers where the hosting charges are subsidized, features are rolled out together and a single login will give access to multiple lodge websites where the Mason is a Member.

We advocate keeping all sensitive information and notices in a Google Group and embedding that in a “Member Area” page. Google will automatically hide its contents from Non Members.

2 emails are created for WM and Secretary and these accounts will have administrator access to the Lodge Website. They can create users, maintain the photo directory (shared only with lodge members), upload photographs of events and write articles on the website that are shared with the public.

Members can advise the Secretary which information (email / phone / occupation etc) are shared with other members. Information on Current and Past Offices is included as well. For instance see The Millennium Lodge No 327.

Plans are being made to put our domain on Google G Suite so that Mailing Lists can be administered simply and email communication becomes simpler. Lodges may opt to have their generic emails on G Suite as well.

We are waiting to develop the idea before seeking permission from RGLSI and GLI to propose this in large scale.

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